Welcome to all friends of Auroville around the world

On February 2008, Auroville celebrated its 40th birthday. This achievement was a testimony to the perseverance of its residents, their adherence to a vision, and the strength of the evolutionary force behind this unique experiment. Many celebratory events were planned in Auroville and abroad throughout 2008 expressing our connection to and support for this work.

Auroville International met in Montreal in Fall 2007 looking for an appropriate way to convey a concrete message of oneness and to express gratitude from Auroville to those around the world who have collaborated in its creation. Our wish was to create an event of global outreach that would express something essential about the vision of Auroville and that would invite the participation of all. What emerged was to support an initiative formulated in Auroville in February 2008 to create what we are calling the Unity Kolam Ceremony.

More to read here soon about the preparation of this event...

28th of February 2008: the Unity Kolam Ceremony

At 5.15am on the morning of the 28th February 2008, before the first light of dawn was breaking, the birthday bonfire was lit and in that moment the flower decorations and a full amphitheatre of more than 4000 people became softly illuminated. As the light from the rising sun dawned, the reading of the Auroville Charter by the Mother was broadcast and after some silence, in the growing light of the clear morning, it was time for the Unity Kolam ceremony. Children and other never-aging youth of Auroville, representing about 50 different nationalities all dressed in white, began a slow procession carrying candles towards the urn where on this day, 40 years earlier, soil from 123 nations was placed by children in a symbolic event that marked the birth of a place dedicated to human unity. Once the candles had been deposited at the base of the urn, the procession continued down the ramp around the urn and at the bottom, they each were given one or two of the little pots containing these prepared soil samples. One by one, they poured the contents into the huge brass bowl which was the centre piece of a beautifully prepared flower decoration of the Auroville symbol. The atmosphere was silent, and very intense throughout the duration of the ceremony.

The following morning of the 29th of February – the day that marks the descent of the supramental consciousness, another smaller gathering was held in which the soils that had been placed in the bowl the previous day were symbolically mixed. Small quantities of this mixed soil of the earth of the world were then packaged after the ceremony into little packets to be distributed to participants near and far. These special packets were inserted into cards of hand-made paper, depicting a world map composed of the words ‘human unity’ in different languages, carrying the following text that sums up the endeavour:

"Uniting the earth for humanity as a whole…"
This card contains a mixture of soils from different continents, brought together during the 40th anniversary of Auroville, City of Human Unity in southern India.
It symbolises Auroville’s highest aspiration which we share with the world.

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Soil samples map

This very webpage, depicting a dynamic world map, was created for the occasion of the Unity Kolam Ceremony: each place where soil was sent from, got marked with a pin. Clicking on the pin activates a pop up screen with some information about the place, while double-clicking will zoom to show a photo with relevant links.

Thanks for your collaboration...

As you can see, soil has been gathered from many meaningful places throughout the world. There are sacred sites, intentional communities, nature reserves, places of national and historical significance, and simply places that are in some way special to an individual. Soil and sand of all colours, black volcanic sand, white beach sand, red or yellow ochre clay, diverse samples made the end result so interesting!

Thank you for your participation in a joyful and meaningful celebration for all.

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